• Mat-Su Resort

Fireweed Martini

Recipe: 2oz of Fireweed Vodka, 1oz of Fireweed Extract, 1oz of agave syrup, a splash of Fireweed bitters. Muddle together with ice, strain and garnish with Fireweed blossom. Enjoy! Fireweed, the unofficial state flower of Alaska graces the country-side with its stellar purple blossoms in late July and early August. While its beauty is short-lived the Fireweed is ubiquitous with summertime for Alaskans.

Along with its beauty, Fireweed has found itself to be quite a useful plant as well. Alaskan natives were the first to use the plant for its medicinal properties, and today clever Alaskans use Fireweed to make anything from jelly to coffee. Here at the Mat-Su Resort, our master mixologist Molly, has found a way to turn this delightful plant, into a cocktail, locally famous for its beauty and truly unique flavor. Try one during the months of July and August!

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